The NEW and IMPROVED Make Moments

So it’s finally finished: our new website (go HERE now and check it out)!!!! We’re still waiting on our new and improved blog, but we’re just too impatient and we had to post all of our exciting changes right now. As you can tell, we’ve had a new logo posted on our blog for a while now, and now we have all the goods to go with it. New albums, new brochures, new business cards, new custom-made blank CDs, a new website, and a new blog coming!!!!!!!!!!! <— I know that’s a lot of exclamation marks but that’s just how excited we are!

Check out all the exciting goodies:

Our new brochures that our awesome friend Emery designed for us. She’s also the creator of our rocking logo. (I would link y’all to her site, but she doesn’t have one yet).


Here’s the new deluxe albums we’re offering. They are seriously nice. Like, I’m afraid to touch them they’re so nice.




We’ll still be offering the same memory book that we’ve had, and here’s a picture of it:

And how awesome are our new CDs and business cards!

And, last but not least, here’s a screen capture of our brand new website:

You’ll be seeing a few more changes in the near future so check back soon! Thank you again to Emery for all the graphic design help and thanks angela for the pictures that you took of us for the new site; and of course, thank you to all our clients for making our business what it is today. YOU ROCK!!!

– heather and miranda


~ by makemoments on March 16, 2009.

8 Responses to “The NEW and IMPROVED Make Moments”

  1. ok the new website is AWESOME!! I am so excited for you two. Ya’ll are amazing photographers and I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to take our pictures. We are still trying to figure out something else to get you guys to take more pics….I’m thinking “trash the dress”!!!!

  2. The new website looks great you guys!! Very happy for y’all.

  3. I love it!!!!!!! I can’t wait for the new blog!!!!!!!!!!
    Great job!!

  4. I have gone to your website 2or3 times just to listen to the song! I think I’m going to go listen to it again…

  5. Thanks so much y’all!

    And Malissa – most definitely YES!! Trash the dress please!!!

    And Serena, isn’t that song just perfect!!! It’s called “People Should Smile More” by Newton Faulkner

  6. Hey ya’ll! Just wanted to say hi and that I also like your website and blog. I have you bookmarked so I’ll visit often. Have fun snapping!


  7. Dave in Monroe… great blog and pics. Who did you blog for you and how are you driving traffic to your site?

  8. Thanks Dave,
    This blog is a template blog from wordpress. We currently have a new blog coming out within the month that was created by: blogs for photogs.

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