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i know that we have been talking about it for a while, but we are so excited to announce that our long awaited blog is finally here. with our new blog we are able to post much larger pictures and have a more customized blog! make sure to check out the new flash header!
we will continue to keep this blog up but we will no longer be making any more post on it.

so head on over to our new blog. we think it’s awesome! click the link to visit the blog:



Kristy’s senior pictures

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We got the chance to shoot my beautiful cousin Kristy’s senior pics a few weeks ago. And we live in Louisiana where the weather is as unpredictable as my mood (hey, what can I say…I’m only female 🙂 )! So, of course, it was cold and WINDY while the day before it and after it was perfect and in the 80s. But like all our clients, she braved the cold and the wind and rocked it! Thanks so much Kristy, we had fun!!! And congrats on your upcoming graduation!







– heather

Another AWESOME engagement shoot

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We’ve just been so blessed lately with some awesome couples for engagement shoots. We had three engagement shoots last week, and our clients rocked them all!!! We left each shoot feeling like we just hung out with some old friends for a couple of hours and had a great time!

Amber and Danny were so cute and sweet together, plus they knew how to kick back and have fun! And they even brought props (seriously, gotta love the yellow umbrella!!!). I love this series of photos:



We had some gorgeous weather and gorgeous light for the shoot!

Love the blue eyes in this pic!

And I love laughing pics!

We found this wall and they colors matched perfectly with what they were wearing!

We found an old stairway in a building in downtown Monroe for some “darker” mood shots:

And, of course, we love those setting sun pictures!

And for anyone who has been following us for a while, then you’ll know how much we ADORE this last (but definitely not least) picture. It encapsulates everything we love about photography: a super fun (and hot 🙂 ) couple, a relaxed pose, and GORGEOUS sun setting light. Absolutely love it!

Have a great and relaxing weekend folks (you know I will 🙂 )!
– heather

Ricky and Beth’s Engagements:

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We recently had a fantastic engagement shoot. Since we had only spoken with Beth through email, the shoot was the first time we had ever met the wonderful couple! We never know exactly what to expect when meeting a couple at the shoot for the first time! We always hope that we show up to meet a fun couple. When we first met Ricky and Beth, we knew that it would be a great shoot. They turned out to be so much fun to work with. We could tell that were so in love and they are just so happy together! Definitely the kind of fun couple that we love to have! It always makes our job a little easier. 🙂

One of my favorites from the day:


Aren’t they fun:



Don’t they look great together:

So now I’m thinking that this one is my favorite from the day: 🙂

Ricky and Beth, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I know it will be a blast! We had such a great time on your shoot and we hope you enjoy your pics!


Heather and Andy’s fairytale wedding

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Heather and Andy are such a sweet-natured and loving couple, it was impossible to just not kick back and have a good time at this wedding. We truly felt like we were guests there with some fancy cameras. Heather’s family has a special place in our hearts because they have been using us for photography ever since we started out a few years ago. After a senior shoot, baby shoot, family Christmas shoot, and then Heather and Andy’s engagement shoot, they feel more like family friends instead of business clients.

Heather and Andy’s wedding was truly unique because they had a Cinderella fairytale theme. Everything from the ballroom dress, to the cake, to the decorations, and even to the first dance song, there was a Disney-like magical feeling.

To Heather and Andy (and, of course, to Mrs. Anne-Louise too), we’ve had such a great time with y’all, and we can’t wait to take more pics for you guys down the road. Y’all are awesome!!! Enjoy the pics!

The details:




I thought this picture of little ring-bearer looking at the bride getting reading with awe was just too cute:

Andy getting ready:

The ceremony:

Heather and Andy after the wedding:

Their first dance to the Cinderella song “So This Is Love”:

And I like this pic of Heather dancing with her Dad. You can see the big castle painting in the background. It was beautiful!

And here’s the same picture that we posted earlier here. I absolutely love this moment between them. So sweet!

Another sweet moment between them dancing:

But the reception wasn’t all just sweetness, they also knew how to PARTY!


They ended the night with a duet of them singing. So fun!

In the limo before riding off:

And they’re off!

– heather

The NEW and IMPROVED Make Moments

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So it’s finally finished: our new website (go HERE now and check it out)!!!! We’re still waiting on our new and improved blog, but we’re just too impatient and we had to post all of our exciting changes right now. As you can tell, we’ve had a new logo posted on our blog for a while now, and now we have all the goods to go with it. New albums, new brochures, new business cards, new custom-made blank CDs, a new website, and a new blog coming!!!!!!!!!!! <— I know that’s a lot of exclamation marks but that’s just how excited we are!

Check out all the exciting goodies:

Our new brochures that our awesome friend Emery designed for us. She’s also the creator of our rocking logo. (I would link y’all to her site, but she doesn’t have one yet).


Here’s the new deluxe albums we’re offering. They are seriously nice. Like, I’m afraid to touch them they’re so nice.




We’ll still be offering the same memory book that we’ve had, and here’s a picture of it:

And how awesome are our new CDs and business cards!

And, last but not least, here’s a screen capture of our brand new website:

You’ll be seeing a few more changes in the near future so check back soon! Thank you again to Emery for all the graphic design help and thanks angela for the pictures that you took of us for the new site; and of course, thank you to all our clients for making our business what it is today. YOU ROCK!!!

– heather and miranda

Yesterday’s beautiful bride

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Yesterday, we shot Brooke and James’ wedding (engagements here). Here are some of Brooke’s bridals that we shot a few weeks ago. Isn’t she a beautiful bride!




I love the mood of this picture:

Funny story about this picture. It was absolutely FREEZING the day of her bridal shoot, but Brooke was such a trooper and toughed it out. I had on a big comfy sweatshirt and jeans, and yet I’m sure I whined like a little baby girl because it was so coooooold. In an attempt to stay warm, Brooke wore these thick socks under her gown, and I just that it was great!

We’ll be getting their wedding pics up soon! It was another great one (as always 🙂 )!

On other news, we’re getting so very close to implementing all of our exciting changes coming up. We have a whole new website and a new blog waiting in the wings. Can’t wait!

– heather